The time for Grant Hill has stretched through Canada and across the United States. With a shadow of songwriting beginning in 2002 at California’s Venice Beach, those songs Moonshine, Jullianne, I Like Your Smile, and Vibrations are songs that evolved and expanded and held true over the years through time and place. Grant is a writer of resolute and beautifully timeless lyrics that we want to keep with us. When backed by the solid and stunning fullness of pure rock his songs last forever.


Grant holds deep meaning within his music surely embedded in life experiences and the powerful emotions that come in part from a sliver of time in Hollywood living fast and hard and where more songs originated. Time holds that life differently now moving through old troubles and off course veers, the songs bring forward a glow of hope that comes about through a deep look at one’s heart and spirit.


For Grant this is all easily overlaid sonically with rock and with the bold and vast production by Les Camacho creates songs that cause the rest of the world to drop away. Whisper In A Song starts slow and smoky opening to all the power and beautiful intensity of a rock masterpiece. Classic and strong, and bold in its presence, his music is expansive and timeless and has the way of staying in your mind long after listening. “Won’t you be my guiding light. I’m already on my way.” —Moonshine by Grant Hill.